Boobies of Galapagos
Three of the seven known booby species on the planet live in the Galápagos. They all home in provinces and have a since quite a while ago, pointed bill and web feet, with which they hatch their eggs.

They can fly long separations to look for nourishment, plunge for fish from statures up head with dark colored wings, yet few flying creatures (just 5%) are practically unadulterated white.

Considered an alternate shading "stage," these winged creatures stay white for the duration of their lives. The main individuals from the gannet and booby family (Sulidae) to settle in trees, their red feet are uniquely adjusted to remaining on branches.

The homes are genuinely strong structures of twigs, plumes and guano. Red-footed boobies lay a solitary egg and both genders hatch it and fight for the youthful. They fly the extent that 50 nautical miles out to ocean to discover pelagic fish, their favored nourishment.

Guests can see settling settlements on Genovesa and at Punta Pitt on San Cristóbal. They additionally home on Wolf and Darwin.