Cerro Drag贸n (Dragon Hill) is a -element land visit. the first part is an awe-inspiring panga journey through a sequence of lagoons; the second one is a land visit with a dry touchdown. 

In Dragon Hill you can see frigatebirds, herons, blue-footed boobies, is located in NW coast of Santa Cruz, west of Itabaca channel, and you can acces by Panga ride and dry landing on beach in  a easy 1km (1/2mile) hike.

At the a ways northwest coast of santa cruz, the web site is simplest on hand in the course of 4 months of the year and in the spring whilst the ocean is calm and the water clean. 

The panga enters a beautiful lava and mangrove-coated lagoon via a small opening to the ocean. Golden cowrays swim in formations close to the surface, now and again training with noticed eagle rays, and they seem to have no fear of the boat, appearing a water ballet around the panga. 

White-tipped reef sharks also can be located in the inner lagoon. On the ridge above the lagoon, Palo Santo (Holy Stick) trees and tree-sized opuntia and candelabra cactus are rife with exceptional frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies. 

The boat passes so near shore that you can without difficulty make out the distinction among the lava herons and striated herons without binoculars. Marine iguanas and brightly coloured sally lightfoot crabs patrol the lava near the water and land iguanas sun themselves at the dry lava similarly up the coastline. 

The land go to is billed as a dry touchdown, however you would possibly need to scamper up a few slippery lava rocks wherein a pelican is probably status defend. it is an easy, quiet 2km (1mi) stroll on a flat, difficult-packed path through a rather dry panorama peppered with Palo Santo trees and opuntia cactus. 

The panorama of Dragon Hill is constantly in sight inside the distance, and you will skirt a small lake where it iguanas which are frequently skirmishing with each other. you may additionally see quick-moving.