Los Túneles, Lava Tubes

There are four magma tubes on private property in the Santa Cruz good countries that can be visited by people in general, more often than not related to a visit to see the mammoth tortoises. 

All coordinations are secured on the off chance that you are on a visit, however in the event that you go without anyone else, the extra charge is $3 US and the proprietor gives a guide and electric lamps.

The outside skin of a liquid magma stream cooled and cemented while the magma inside continued streaming, exhausting the strong skin and surrendering empty passages over to 20m (66ft) high. 

A few passages are more than 1km (1/2mi) long and somewhere around one story high. 

It is genuinely simple to descend over substantial magma rocks or down short stepping stools or flights of wooden stairs to access the insides. 

Proprietors have hung lights in a portion of the passages.