Black Turtle Cove - Caleta Tortuga Negra

It´s located in the north side of Santa Cruz, west of Itabaca channel, you can acces with panga ride in 1 hour ride.

In this point you can see: mangroves, golden co wrays, sharks, birds.

This is a panga ride just and, if conceivable, it is best-visited in the early morning or late evening when there is greater movement and the lighting is increasingly emotional. As the panga employs the little paths among the mangroves, look out for an assortment of flying creatures, including herons and dark colored pelicans, roosted in the thick branches. Search for schools of brilliant cowrays and youthful white-tipped reef sharks in the shallows. On the off chance that you are there among January and March, you may be sufficiently fortunate to see green ocean turtles mating. For extraordinary photographs, utilize a polarizer to diminish glare on the outside of the water, and shoot with the sun behind you to amplify light and shading immersion.