Precis of country wide Galapagos park rules

  • All itineraries ought to be pre-authorized by using the country wide park.
  • All vessels may also do a maximum of 2 land visits consistent with day - one inside the am and one in the pm. 
  • Most effective vessels, that have the right allows, are allowed to sail the waters of galapagos. visitors are handiest allowed in the park under the supervision of a galapagos countrywide park manual. 
  • Publications are allowed to have a maximum of 16 passengers with them at on time. 
  • Visitors must remain on the marked trail and with a manual always whilst travelling the islands.
  • Site visitors aren't allowed to the touch the animals. site visitors have to no longer disturb, harass, feed, or intervene with the natural conduct of the animals. 
  • Traffic aren't allowed to collect or eliminate whatever from the islands. 
  • Food is not authorised on the islands. 
  • Site visitors aren't allowed to smoke at the same time as at the islands. the park closes at sunset. 
  • Every body ought to be off the unpopulated islands by using dusk. 
  • Do not litter. 
  • PLEASE Clean your shoes' soles before disembarking in the islands. You may have carried some seeds endemic to one island and would not want to introduce them to another.

The country wide park regulations are continuously in a state of trade so it's far continually exceptional to touch the enterprise that booked your tour for up to date data.