Tips so that your visit to Galapagos does not affect the birds and other animals.

Wellknown park regulations require that traffic stay on the marked trails in any respect do not recognise that the trails are for human beings, so they regularly construct their nests or hang out proper inside the middle of the trails. 

Many visitation web sites require wet landings on a seashore or surf-soaked rocks, and it might be raining or misty on the islands depending on the season, so convey a light poncho and water-resistant shoes, with true traction. 

On some islands, there are panga rides along the cliffs or rocky shorelines. These are exquisite possibilities to photograph birds, but can potentially wreak havoc on digicam system because of salt spray. 

Some very useful defensive gadgets consist of: the strong and sturdy, heavy water resistant bags that may be full of air and preserve a digital camera, media playing cards, batteries, more lenses and small towel; the larger, stronger, plastic ziploc bags; pelican water-tight instances; water-resistant sacs with unique closures to maintain out water; and smaller housings and ‘ewa-kind’ marine digital camera baggage that assist you to preserve the camera internal even if capturing pictures.