How many days is the duration of the Galapagos cruises?

Naturalist cruises have itineraries that vary in length from four to f ifteen days. From 2012, the GNP issued patentes (permits) to all the vessels that by allowing each yacht/ship to visit these sites once every 2 weeks. 

Very few passengers book trips that are 14 nights long so the yachts subdivided their itinerary into shorter cruises, which can be combined together to form longer trips without repeating sites. 

Some kept it simple and divided the itinerary in half creating two 7 night cruises that follow different itineraries. Other operations divided the 14 nights into trips of 5+5+4 days or 6+4+4 days or 3+4+3+4 days. These shorter cruises can also combined to form Galapagos trips of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 14 nights. 

The Humboldt Explorer and Majestic Explorer offers itineraries of 8 days 7 nights.  

The yachts/ships needed to name these itineraries to differentiate between them thus you now see names such as northern itinerary, western itinerary, central island itinerary, southern itinerary, etc. associated with a tour description. 

Since the yachts have fixed itineraries if there a specific island you want to visit, you need to check with your agent, tour operator, or vessel to confirm that the island or site that interests you is included on the itinerary of the tour you are booking. 

In the case of our ships in their itineraries include the visit to the Darwin and Wolf Islands. When planning your trip, keep in mind that in additional to the time you will spend in Galapagos, you will probably also need to add a few days in mainland Ecuador due to international flight connections.