Why select a Live-Aboard Cruises in Galapagos?

The majority of foreign visitors to the Galápagos choose a live-aboard ship moves from site to site, rather than returning to the starting point after each site is visited, as you would have had to if you stayed at a land-based hotel.

For the most part, yachts travel between the islands at night. This saves time and increases the number of potential visits/activities during the day. 

Live-aboards are much more comfortable than the small boats used for inter-island travel as is the case with the “island hopping tours” and transportation to Naturalist sites from land-based hotels. 

Live-aboards visit some of the more remote areas in the Galápagos that are only accessible by live-aboard yachts/ships. 

If you stay in a hotel in Puerto Ayora, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, or Villamil (on Isabela) you will be restricted to day tours that are situated close to these population centers.

In addition, Live-aboard cruises are allowed to visit some islands that are off limits to land-based Naturalist yachts are categorized into 5 classes - economy, tourist run better than a more expensive luxury class one. 

Selecting the right live-aboard is very important. This is where the assistance of an experienced Galapagos tour operator can be invaluable. 

It is really essential to get accurate, current information about the choices available. In our yacht fleet we offer you a wonderful experience in the Humboldt Explorer and Majestic Explorer, you can also ask for other options we offer of naturalistic and diving yachts.

The price of the trip will include food, accommodations, transfers to and from the boat, trained naturalist guides and the land tours. Alcoholic drinks, tips, airfare and Park fees are not included in the price of the trips. 

Single supplements are normally much more expensive than double occupancy.