Metric and Measurement System in Galapagos and Ecuador

Metric and Measurement System in Galapagos and Ecuador

Measurements Metric weights and measurements are used in the Galapagos.

Also the imperial system is understood.

Converting Metric to Imperial:

To convert °C to °F, multiply by 1.8 and add 32 (30°C = 86°F)
To convert °F to °C, subtract 32 and divide by 1.8 (85°F = 29°C)

To convert bar to PSI, multiply by 14.5 (200 bar = 2900psi, 50 bar = 725psi)
To convert PSI to bar, divide by 14.5 (3000psi=207bar, 500psi=34.5bar)

1 cm = 0.39 inches
1 inch = 2.54 cm

1 m = 3.28 ft
1 ft = 0.30 m

1 km = .62 mi = 54 naut. mi
1 mi = 1.61 km

1 lb = 0.45 kg
1 kg = 2.2 lb

Electricity in Galapagos

The standard electrical system on land and on yachts is 110V; 60Hz. Outlets take two flat-pronged plugs, same as in the USA. Visitors with other appliances should bring adapters and converters appropriate for their own country.

Intenet, cable and cellular services in Galapagos

Intenet, cable and cellular services in Galapagos

This article details the main products and rates offered by telecommunication service providers in ECUADOR and GALAPAGOS:

Comparison of prices between suppliers to January / 2016 
CNT (State): Lead the market offering all services. - Cable TV: From $ 17. With 70 channels. - Internet: From $ 28. With 5 Mbps broadband. - Landline: From $ 7. With 150 local minutes and rates for cell phone calls from $ 0.04 cents per minute. - Mobile phone: From $ 15 are voice or voice / data plans. Phone only plans: Calls to fixed and cellular Cnt from $ 0.04 cents per minute. Nights and weekends without limits to Cnt numbers. Data and voice plans: With 25 minutes for calls. 1000 mb and 100 messages. Does not include courier service. Free access to Facebook and whatsapp. - Pack with 3 services: From $ 38. Internet with 2 Mbps broadband, cable TV with 71 channels and 150 minutes included for landline. 

Claro (Private): It is the only competitor of Cnt with the same products. Its strong for cell phones: It has the best coverage in the whole country, its signal is good even in the eastern provinces. - Cable TV: From $ 24. With 141 channels. - Fixed Internet: From $ 23. With broadband of 4 megabytes. - Landline: From $ 7. With 500 local minutes and 250 to the other operators. - Mobile phone: Plans controlled from $ 17. With 60 minutes for calls. 250 megs and 100 messages. Plans open from $ 23. With 80 minutes for calls. 750 megs and 200 messages. - Pack with 3 services: From $ 43. Internet with 4 megabytes, cable television with 141 channels. 500 minutes to Ecuador Telecom numbers or 250 minutes to other operators. 

MOVISTAR (Private): - Plans starting at $ 17. With 150 minutes for calls. 250 megs of internet and 100 messages. 

TVCABLE (Private): - Cable TV: From $ 18. With 110 channels. - Internet: From $ 23. - Landline: Independent plans from $ 12. 650 minutes to other operators and 1050 minutes to landlines of TvCable. - Pack with 3 services: From $ 37. Internet with up to 4 megabytes, cable TV with 110 channels. Does not include free minutes for landlines. 

The speed of movile internet service in GALAPAGOS is lower than in the continental Ecuador.

NOTE: In the case of cell phones, if you do not want to hire a plan, you can buy a chip and keep the line with the prepaid system. Telephone refills range from $ 1 and are made in supermarkets, pharmacies, some banks and stores.

How to call Ecuador and Galapagos

 How to make a phone call to Galapagos and Internet service

The country code for Ecuador is 593.

The area code for the galapagos is 05

The phone numbers in Ecuador has 7 digits. Example 2222222

The cell phone numbers in Ecuador has 8 digits. An the prefix is 09. Example 0977777777

Drop the zero when calling from abroad:
Example to a regular phone: 593 5 2222222
Example to a cell phone: 593 9 77777777

When you call from outside Ecuador, place 2 zeros at the beginning: 00 593 5 2222222 (Land Line) - 00 593 9 77777777 (Cell Phone).

If you want to use Whatsapp service, that most people use in ECUADOR, please add the number in your contact list like this: + 593977777777

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