How much tip in the Galapagos?

Tourist guides and other workers in the tourist industry expect a tip, but taxi drivers do not. The higher-level restaurants can add 12% tax and 10% service charge to their accounts, while less expensive restaurants generally do not, so you should check your bill to find out. Except for yachts and boats, tips must be given directly to the person who provides the service.

In case of owning in yachts or boats it is recommended that it be placed in an envelope so that the captain distributes the entire crew (including the captain), according to the rank.

Many passengers are still in a bind about how much to tip when it's time to pay off their bill, so remember that it's just a suggested figure and, in the final analysis, it depends on the individual and the quality of the service provided.

Because the archipelago is so remote and the transportation costs of all goods are relatively high, most prices are non-negotiable. You can try to ask for a discount although in Galapagos the prices are relatively standard.

In the craft markets you can negotiate. Ecuador has a system of pricing at two levels. Foreigners pay more for certain services, which include taxes, flights, transportation and lodging in certain hotels in Galapagos.