What to do when you arrive at the Galapagos airport?

Upon arrival into Galapagos , tour participants who will be on a yacht or ship will be met by representatives from their vessel (usually the guides) and are then transferred to their vessel.

Individuals or groups scheduled to stay at a hotel in Galapagos may or may not have a representative at the airport to assist them depending on what has been included in the tour.

Communicate with the company that booked your tour or the hotel where you made your reservations and ask them how to get from the airport to your hotel.

The crew members from your vessel will handle transferring all of your luggage between the airport to the yacht/ship and they are very efficient and careful, but it is still a good idea to carry your documents, personal items and camera/video gear yourself.

If you are arriving at the Puerto Baquerizo Moreno airport on San Cristobal , tour participants are met and transferred to the dock by a small bus.

If you are arriving at the Baltra airport, the yachts and ships are usually moored in the Baltra harbor.

Occasionally the yacht will be moored in Puerto Ayora , on the southeast side of Santa Cruz Island.

In this case, passengers take the free bus to the ferry landing for a 10-minute ferry ride across the Itabaca Channel to Santa Cruz Island, and then board another bus for a 45-minute drive to Puerto Ayora .

If you are staying at a hotel in Puerto Ayora the process is the same minus the guide (unless that has been prearranged).

If you get confused, you can always just follow “the locals” as the vast majority of them are heading to Puerto Ayora.