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The Galapagos Islands have two seasons, the first season runs from January to June and it's known as the hot season, and the second weather station that runs from June to December is known as the dry season.

Galapagos calendar with weather and temperature variations depending on the month

The best season in which to visit the Galapagos Islands are the transition months.

A classic question that the potential traveler to Galapagos has is related to what is the best time to visit the islands. The correct answer has two variations:

The first is that any month of the year is good to visit the islands, i.e. there is no month where the weather is bad to visit Galapagos. The second answer is more specific, so, the best times to visit the islands are the transition months.

To understand this answer and explain clearly the underlying reasons, we must remember the climate system in Galapagos. Having two extreme seasons, which mark the beginning or the end of the breeding for the majority of species, there are months in which the two phases can be evidenced at the same time.

These are the transition months. Therefore, there will be a transition between the hot and dry season (April to June), and then a transition between the dry and hot season (November to January). They are six months in the year when the weather becomes as Galapagos special blends of natural events, which happen at the same time.

Then, the months April, May, June, November, December and January are the months where almost all natural events can occur simultaneously. This does not mean that the rest of the year is not worth it. By contrast, the rest of the year includes months that reflect the natural beauty of Galapagos from a specific viewpoint. Galapagos weather during the month of May, especially, is described by many as the most spectacular month of the year in the Islands.